Judío y Cubano

On view October 2019- January 2020

Judío y Cubano explores the artwork of several Cuban Jewish artists. This exhibition includes Baruj Salinas’s handcrafted illuminated manuscript The Torah Project as well as an 8 foot oil pastel drawing by José Luis Fariñas and photographs by the renown photographer Robert Koltun. 

The Torah Project contains the five books of Moses and commentaries from personalities in art and biblical studies, which have been translated into four languages — English, Spanish, Italian, and German. The cover of The Torah Project is made of wood and Pearl and represents the city of Jerusalem. In between the chapters of the Torah are 27 lithographs created by Salinas. Robert Koltun was one of the first media photographers to be allowed to travel to Cuba. He worked as a photography correspondent for Spain’s EFE and has worked for The Miami Herald and El Neuvo Herald for 28 years. 

José Luis Fariñas is a painter, draftsman and author of four books of poetry and one of short stories. He received the First Prize of Cuba Fiction in 2003 and was awarded the Prometheus of Poetry in 2001 from The National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).