Giller & Giller: An Adventure in Architecture

On view May 2022- October 2022

Norman Giller was one of the founders of Miami Modern (MiMo), a regionalized style of Modernist architecture. Through the use of new materials and technology, he was able to realize his ideas in a post-war II booming Florida. Giller’s body of work includes designs for President Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress in Latin America, revolutionized motel design, created more than 3,000 housing units for United States military bases as well as a bevy of modern residential, commercial and institutional projects. Two of his projects, The Carillon Hotel and The Diplomat Hotel are iconic symbols of the glitz and glamour that transformed Miami into an urban playground.

Giller’s work demands attention and recognition and there is no one better than his son, architect Ira Giller, to guide us through this retrospective of Giller’s work. With Ira’s invaluable insight, the projects shown here are more than just brick and mortar, they are windows into a man’s creativity. Ira’s own style builds upon Norman’s legacy with his creative ingenuity as well as adding much to the narrative with his renowned work as well.