Exhibitions & Events

The primary goal of the exhibition program is the promotion of the Museum's mission, which is to collect, preserve and interpret the Jewish experience in Florida at least since 1763. Community involvement and tolerance education play fundamental roles in the exhibition program. The Museum seeks to draw in as many participants from both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities as possible and by diversifying the exhibition topics and relating all themes to a multi-cultural audience, the Museum has succeeded in attracting a wide cross-section of visitors.

Our exhibitions illustrate the richness and diversity of Jewish life and the unique ways in which Florida Jews influence and are influenced by the historic and cultural dynamics of Florida, the nation, and the world.

The museum's core exhibit, MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida, tells the story of nearly 250 years of Jewish life in Florida.

In our core exhibit, stories reveal the universal immigration story. It speaks of one ethnic group and its challenges to balance retaining cultural identity with the tendency or need to assimilate - a challenge faced by all groups.

Temporary exhibition topics are selected that expand on themes in the core exhibit and that relate to all of Florida's population and all peoples. They depict Jewish history, art and culture – sometimes global, but always with a link to Florida.