Traveling Exhibits

In addition to the permanent core exhibit, the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU displays several temporary exhibits annually. From time to time, some are packaged as traveling exhibits. Currently, those listed below are available for rental. Please click on the underlined exhibit title for a detailed fact sheet - including price and availability.

1. Click Here to view photos of El Viaje... The Journey: Jewish Artists & Poets of Latin America Eighteen outstanding artists & poets portray interpretations of the wandering Jew.

2. Click here to view photos of Arnold Newman: One World, One People - Portraiture as Art The former Miami Beach High student and son of a family which has lived here since the 1930s, Newman has become a world-renowned photographer. These 50 portraits are a series of his famous Jewish personalities throughout the last half-century.

3. Click here to view photos of Wooden Synagogues of Poland and Stories of Polish Families Peter Maurice donated to the Museum ten models that he crafted of 17th and 18th century Polish wooden synagogues. These shtetl structures represent a style of folk architecture that is unique to the Jews and they were actually built by Jewish craftsmen. These models help tell an expanded story of Floridian Jews who came (or whose ancestors came) from Poland.

4. Mark Podwal: All This Has Come Upon Us...
Artist, author and illustrator Mark Podwal, is best known for his drawings on The New York Times OP-ED page. The exhibition features archival pigment prints of Podwal’s drawings and paintings of historical threats of antisemitism, combined with verses from the Book of Psalms. Each image in this series depicts a tragedy or injustice in Jewish history, from slavery in Egypt through the Holocaust. According to Podwal, “the paintings and drawings in this series are a disturbing reminder of how Europe’s extensive history of ‘Jew-hatred’ laid the groundwork for Terezin and Auschwitz.”