Planned Giving

What is the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU?

ImageThe JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA-FIU is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of Florida Jewish history. The Museum evolved from the MOSAIC project that, from 1985 to 1990, researched the Jewish experience in Florida since 1763, and created an exhibit that traveled to 13 cities between 1990 and 1994.

As a result of the enthusiastic response to the statewide collection of oral histories, photographs, documents and artifacts, a movement not grew to support a permanent Jewish museum for the nation's third largest Jewish community.

The Museum is located on south Miami beach, in a lovingly restored Art Deco synagogue that was built in 1936 for the first Jewish congregation on Miami beach, and used until 1986. Since opening in April 1995, the Jewish Museum of Florida has had tens of thousands of responsive visitors who enjoyed the permanent and temporary exhibits; programs; Time-Line wall of Jewish history in Florida, America and the World; video presentations; Collections & Research Center, and Museum Store.

Why should I support the Jewish Museum?

ImageOver the years Jews have helped to develop every aspect of the state of Florida and, at the same time, maintained the traditions of a rich heritage. In the Jewish Museum, we have an opportunity to safeguard the rare treasure of Florida's Jewish memories for education today and for future generations to help insure Jewish continuity.

Our youth gain tremendous pride and a strengthened identity from the new found knowledge of the richness of our history. We can debunk myths about Florida's role in the American Jewish community. In the museum, Jews and non-Jews come together and affirm or learn about one ethnic group in a multi-cultural society.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is your commitment to help the Jewish Museum plan for the necessary growth of operations, programs and facilities both during your lifetime and beyond.

What are Planned Giving opportunities?

  • Providing for the Museum in your will
  • Naming the Museum in a life insurance policy
  • Contributing appreciated securities
  • Contributing real estate (a second home, vacant lot, undeveloped acreage, etc.)
  • Contributing cars, boats, airplanes, collectibles
  • Creating a trust
  1. A Charitable Remainder Trust (providing lifetime income to you).
  2. A Charitable Lead Trust (providing income to the Museum for a specified number of years, after which the asset returns to your or to your heirs).
  • Designating the Museum as a remainder beneficiary of your IRA, Keogh plan, qualified retirement plan, etc.
  • Establishing an endowment fund, either unrestricted or dedicated to a specific program or purpose.

Of course, we urge you to discuss these planned giving opportunities with your financial and legal advisers to ascertain which opportunity is the most advantageous to your particular situation.


How can I benefit from Planned Giving?

You make charitable gift because of a desire to support the Museum. It is our role to enhance this basic motivation, and assist you in achieving this goal. Through a Planned Gift, you will:

  • Assist the Museum financially while your good name and good deeds live on Assure the financial security of a spouse, children or grandchildren
  • Provide for the relief of financial management of a spouse at one's death
  • Provide for the education of children
  • Increase spendable income from current assets
  • Increase retirement income
  • Transfer maximum estate to heirs
  • Reduce capital gains taxes on the sale of certain assets
  • Reduce current income tax
  • Reduce or eliminate federal and state estate and inheritance taxes
  • Avoid or minimize probate costs
  • Assure adequate liquidity to pay estate taxes

How to begin?

Return the "Letter of Intent" or ask your attorney, C.P.A., or financial adviser to contact the Museum at or 786-972-3183.

We can answer any question you might have as a donor and, if necessary, provide you with a list of independent legal and tax advisers for your consideration.

You will have the security and peace of mind as a donor in knowing that your gift plays a significant role in Jewish continuity. And your gift will serve as a model to others, especially the next generation, providing an inspiration to them to give and be a part of the Jewish community in Florida.


Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU 301 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

FAX: 305-672-5933