Carol Fryd: Fryd on Fire

May 21 - October 20, 2013

Carol Fryd's Fryd on Fire exhibition shows captivating artworks of Miami and its cultural intersections that meld the human figure with fabulous flora and fruit. Fryd is considered a pioneer of digital art whose creations blend classic art with 21st century technology, creating her own unique technique which include collage, drawings, photography, objects and paint, ranging from realism to abstract expressionism to portraiture. Fryd on Fire is on display from May 21 through October 20.

Fryd 1

Fryd is inspired by her hometown of Miami Beach, with its colorful palette of people and panorama. Bright, fiery colors dominate this show, with the excitement and hot juicy hues of Fryd’s works matched only by the intensity and heat of the Miami sun.

“The bright hot yellow light of the Miami Beach sun transforms every color to an intensity no Northerner ever experiences,” said artist Carol Fryd, of her inspiration. “The cerulean blue tropical sky intoxicates me. Nothing here is muted. The people come from everywhere and there is a cacophony of Cuban, Spanglish, Haitian, French and southern drawl and chivalry, with an imported New York sophistication, that creates Miami’s unique culture. Passions run high in this city and yet somehow we all live together and grow and learn to tolerate and be appreciative of one another. Our city is ‘on fire’ with an intensity found nowhere else.”

Fryd 2

A hugely prolific artist, Fryd has had numerous one-person shows. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach and numerous galleries and museums in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and in private collections worldwide.

Fryd majored in Fine Arts at the University of Miami and she has contributed to the artistic growth of Miami for more than 50 years. As a co-founder of Miami’s first women’s art co-op, The Continuum Gallery, women’s issues are a lead motif of Fryd’s work. Fryd’s work is also on display through July 4, 2013 at the Zadok Gallery in a group exhibition, 20 Shades of Grey, showcasing artists who are 70 or more years young and have made their mark in Miami well before Art Basel, Design Miami or Wynwood Walls arrived.