Art of Hatred Travel Exhibit

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THE ART OF HATRED: Images of Intolerance

From ancient and medieval times to the present use of the internet, grotesque and cruel visual representations of Jewish people and others have stoked the flames of intolerance.

This exhibit explores the issues of antisemitism, discrimination, and stereotypes. It focuses on the effective use of graphics and imagery over the centuries to foster bigotry and social division. Its goal is to show the origins and mutation of these hateful images and to sensitize viewers to the continued use of propaganda.

Many of the 200 images, artifacts and documents used in the exhibit are from private collections, the Florida Regional Office of the Anti-Defamation League and from several European churches and museums. Its range is extensive and its content powerful, current and relevant to all groups. The exhibit can easily be expanded to customize its content to your community.



  • Nearly 200 images from the 13th century to the present.
  • Twenty-three artifacts, including skinhead jackets and tee-shirts that are displayed on mannequins.
  • Fifteen textboxes, 16" x 32"
  • Thirty-eight header panels, 3 1/2" x 40"
  • All captions provided on disk.
  • Seven minute video showing contemporary skinhead and Ku Klux Klan meetings.
  • CD ROM with simulated hate organization web-site.
  • Public programs schedule as suggestions for your community.
  • Docent training manual, 31 pages.
  • Teacher training manual with lesson plans for grades 7 through 12, 40 pages.

CATALOG: The Art of Hatred: Images of Intolerance in Florida Culture, by Henry Abramson, Ph.D. Published by the Jewish Museum of Florida. Seventy-two pages including eight pages in color, it includes most of the items in the exhibit. Wholesale cost $12 each.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: Approximately 200 linear feet.

RENTAL FEE: $6,000 for 3 months plus two-way shipping

INSURANCE VALUE: $96,000 evidence of insurance required.


CONTACT: Jo Ann Arnowitz, Executive Director / Chief Curator, 305-672-5044 ext. 3180 or OR Ira Newman, Curator of Traveling Exhibits, 305-672-5044 ext. 3165 or

Click here to download as a PDF