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Click below to view the MOSAIC Photo Collection, with over 1,000 images of Jewish life in Florida, from the Florida State Archives Photographic collection.

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Please contact the Museum’s Registrar at 786-972-3167 for possible inclusion of your documents, photographs, artifacts and stories in an exhibition. Thank you!


Many visitors to the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU know of relatives or acquaintances that live, or used to live, in Florida. To assist people in finding their relatives, the Museum is compiling a database of all Florida Jews, both past and present.

You are invited to print and complete the Database Entry Form. Please include a photograph of the person to whom the information pertains, whether it is yourself or a relative. The photograph may be a current one, or one from your (or your relative's) childhood.

Send the completed form (SEE LINK BELOW) and photograph to:

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU
301 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

... and YOUR information will be included in the Jewish Family Database!

Click here for the Florida Jewish Family Database Entry Form