Annual Writing Contest

How to Enter

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU offers annual writing contests for students throughout the state based on our museum's exhibits and themes.


Who Participates and What's Involved?

The range of participants is diverse and includes public, parochial and private schools from all over the state. This lends to the diverse points of view. Our volunteer judges evaluate carefully as they apply the predetermined scoring rubrics to each of the essay submissions. The Education Manager then communicates with the teachers of winning students and invites the class for a special awards presentation at the museum. Winning students also invite their class for a complimentary museum tour where the winning essays are displayed prominently.

Why a Writing Contest?

When the Jewish Museum of Florida opened in 1995, one of its main goals was focusing on multicultural education. Our community encompasses local, state, national and international Jewish and non-Jewish audience of all ages and backgrounds. Some of our educational goals include:

  • Stimulating people to think
  • Encouraging respect and sensitivity for all people
  • Providing an educational resource that is also fun and entertaining
  • Serving as an international link to people from throughout the world
  • Helping to increase an understanding and tolerance of diversity, and decrease discrimination and bigotry
  • Encouraging a sense of pride in Florida history among the statewide Jewish and non-Jewish residents

What a better way to accomplish these goals among our youth than to establish an annual creative writing contest that encourages them to think about their own experiences and relate it to others. The contest typically yield 400 entries from all over the state.

Past themes and exhibits included:

  • Social justice through Seeking Justice – The Leo Frank Case Revisited
  • Courage and citizenship through Florida Jews in the Military
  • Tolerance through The Joys of Tolerance and Florida Diversity
  • Creativity and Heroism through Zap!Pow!Bam! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938-1950
  • Acculturation and immigration theme based on our first-ever children's hands-on, interactive exhibit From Home to Home: Jewish Immigration to America, geared especially for younger visitors.

For more information or to book a school group tour, contact the Education Manager at 786-972-3187 or