Letter of Intent


Print the form and mail or fax the completed form to the:

Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU
301 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: (305) 672-5044 • Fax: (305) 672-5933
Internet: http:/jmof.fiu.edu

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Mondays, Civil and Jewish Holidays

YES, I value my Jewish heritage and long line of Jewish history in Florida, and appreciate the need for continued funding and financial support to maintain the JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA-FIU: Home of MOSAIC. You can count on me to help the Museum communicate the Florida Jewish experience since 1763. I want to help by:

  • Assigning a portion of my Last Will & Testament for the Museum's general use and purposes.
  • Assigning all or a percent of the residue of my estate for the Museum's general use and purposes.
  • Designating the JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA-FIU as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy for the Museum's general use and purposes.
  • Establishing a Charitable Trust naming the Museum as beneficiary.
  • Donating property, other real estate, stocks, bonds, a vehicle, airplane, boat or collectibles.
  • Other:

I understand that this Letter of Intent represents my commitment to the Museum's mission, and does not constitute a legal obligation. I also understand that recognition will be given in my name (or a name I designate) at the time the gift is given to the Museum. Please have someone contact me.

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