Arnold Newman Travel Exhibit

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One World, One People, an exhibit by renowned photographer Arnold Newman, is a culmination of portraits he has made of significant individuals over the course of his career. Spanning six decades of work, from the early 40s to the present, this collection contains Jewish public figures, from artists to entertainers, to philosophers and politicians. All of the portraits are of Jews who have made a significant impact in their respective fields and are unique to the personality of the person they portray.

Arnold Newman was one of the world’s best known and most distinguished portrait photographers. He is considered the “Father of ‘environment portraiture,’” a style that places its subjects in a carefully composed setting that captures the essence of their work and personality. Each portrait is captioned with personal anecdotes by Newman on the sitting and its famous subject. Family photographs and biography of Arnold Newman are included in the exhibit. The exhibit provides museum visitors with a unique opportunity to view a photographic display of 20th and early 21st century Jewish history.



  • 50 photographs of Jewish personalities, each framed 16”x 20”
  • 3 photographs taken in Israel, each framed 24” x 20”

Photographs Included in Exhibit:

Yaacov Agam, Shmuel Agnon, Woody Allen, Ehud Barak, Saul Bellow, David Ben-Gurion, Leonard Bernstein, Abe Burrows, Marc Chagall, Gen Moshe Dayan, Abba Eban, Otto Frank, Felix Frankfurter, John Garfield, Chaim Gross, David Halberstam, Isser Harel, Al Hirschfeld, Menashe Kadishman, Louis Kahn, Danny Kaye, Mayor Teddy Kollek, Ibram Lassow, Sen. Herbert Lehman, Carlo Levi, Likud Former Prisoners, David Lilianthal, Jacques Lipchitz, Norman Mailer, Stanley Marcus, Golda Meir, Arthur Miller, Zero Mostel, Louise Nevelson, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Dr. Arno Penzias, Abraham Ribicoff, Jerome Robbins, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Madame Helena Rubinstein, Sacred Object, Shofar and Jerusalem, Jonas Salk, George Segal, Meyer Shapiro, Yeheil Shemi, Moses & Raphael Soyer, Isaac Stern, Alfred Stieglitz, The Wall, Gen. Ezer Weitzman, Simon Wiesenthal, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Yigael Yadin.

Also includes:

  • Chronologies on Newman’s life and Newman quotes about his artworks
  • Captions that include anecdotes by Newman of each personality in the portraits
  • Section on history of photography

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 175 linear feet

RENTAL FEE: $6,000 for 3 months plus one-way shipping from prior venue

INSURANCE VALUE: $482,000 evidence of insurance required


CONTACT: Susan Gladstone, Executive Director, 786-972-3162 or

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