Jewish Contributors to Lincoln Road Mall

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Jewish Contributors to the Making of Lincoln Road Mall

Since 1914, Lincoln Road, named for President Abraham Lincoln, has been a retail center for Miami Beach. Carved out of a forest of mangroves, this unique thoroughfare was the dream of the city’s founding father, Carl Fisher, to create the “Fifth Avenue of the South.” His vision of a bay-to-beach avenue with high-end shops was to entice the wealthy to fine shopping and high-profile promenading while they vacationed here during the winter months. From the 1920s through the 1950s, Lincoln Road attracted many premier retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and the finest automobile dealerships.

In 1960, Lincoln Road received a major facelift when Morris Lapidus was commissioned to redesign it as the second pedestrian mall in America. The street was closed to vehicular traffic and Lapidus’ flamboyant and colorful architectural style transformed it for walking, complete with fountains, greenery, curved building exteriors and wide-glass enticing storefronts.

However, by the 1980s, Lincoln Road Mall was in decline and nearly closed. Through the efforts of the City of Miami Beach, business owners and local organizations, the mall was redesigned, with the assistance of Morris Lapidus, and revitalized as a destination. A mixture of shopping, restaurants, galleries, park-like settings and cultural attractions have made Lincoln Road the “place to go” in Miami Beach. Today, Lapidus’ playful “Jetsons-like” architectural follies that comprise the Mall are world renowned.


CONTENT: 16 objects, 72 reproductions and 5 title blocks, captions and headers throughout. Flat objects are framed, ready to hang, cases not provided for 4 objects.

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 44 linear feet minimum

RENTAL FEE: $ 2,500 for 3 months plus two-way shipping

INSURANCE VALUE: $ 50,000 evidence of insurance required


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