Florida Jews in the Military

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Florida Jews in the Military

Jews have served in the military in a larger percentage than their share of the population. Those who came to America and enlisted very often to become “accepted,” to overcome the concept of the “wandering Jew” with no loyalty and to show that they were not cowards. While serving, they maintained the traditions of their heritage, even when it was challenging.

This exhibit is a tribute to thousands of Floridian Jews who have served and still serve the United States in the Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and Air Force. They displayed courage as officers and regular soldiers, nurses, doctors and chaplains. The exemplary history of Florida Jews in the military began in the mid-1800s with the Seminole Indian Wars when West Point graduate Abraham C. Myers served as quartermaster and a Florida city now bears his name, Ft. Myers. Jews have continued their participation in defense of democracy and freedom, both on the war and home fronts, in the Civil War (1861-65), Spanish-American War (1898), World War I (1917-18), World War II (1939-1945), Cold War (1945-91), Korean War (1950-53), Vietnam (1959-75), and the Gulf Wars (1990-present) that include the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The broad scope of Florida Jews in the military is demonstrated through 400 photos, 200 artifacts, 35,000 words, uniforms, insignia, maps, and 100 medals that tell compelling stories of POWs, KIAs, Pearl Harbor survivors, a four generation military family, and all ranks from private/seaman/airman to general/admiral.

This exhibit can be expanded to tell the story of the courageous people in your community who have made the transition from civilians to soldiers, then back to their families – when they were fortunate. They risked their lives for a dream – our nation. We pay tribute to these extraordinary Americans.


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