Home to Home: Jewish Immigration to America

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Home to Home: Jewish Immigration to America

This exhibition, geared for students and children ages 6-12 and their families, explores Jewish immigration to America through issues that pertain to our everyday lives. Since everyone's family has experienced moving to a new land, this fun-filled children's exhibit will relate to visitors of all cultures, highlighting the similarities and challenges our families faced as immigrants. As visitors travel the exhibit route, they will learn about the decisions people faced in leaving their homelands, the roles that cultural traditions and heritage played as they created their new lives in America and how they influenced the shape their new communities Hands-on activities allow visitors to experience assimilation through various themes:

  • Why Move?
  • Where to Go?
  • What to Take?
  • New Beginnings
  • Helping Each Other
  • Change & Influence



  • 29 interactive 2' x 4' x 5.5' high wheeled modules
  • Includes all items for learning play
  • One module is set-up for your community additions
  • Teacher and docent guides
  • Installation Manual

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 1,500 square feet (using all modules)

RENTAL FEE: $ 4,000 for 4 months plus two-way shipping

INSURANCE VALUE: $ 75,000 evidence of insurance required


CONTACT: Jo Ann Arnowitz, Executive Director/Chief Curator, 305-672-5044 ext. 3180 or director@jewishmuseum.com OR Ira Newman, Curator of Traveling Exhibits, 305-672-5044 ext. 3165, designer@jewishmuseum.com

Click here to download as a PDF