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Every family has made a journey to come from somewhere else into America. The journey may mean leaving behind family and friends, traditions and a culture, a job and possessions. The journey always creates a loss that is balanced with gaining something new - usually freedom and a better life. The Jewish people have faced many displacements and migrations throughout history. The turning point is this history was the migration from Spain during the Inquisition of 1492 and the arrival in the New World, where the Diaspora culture flourished over the coming centuries.

Perhaps the largest global movement of Jews today is from South America to the United States. This exhibit is very current and topical for the venues, especially those who have large Hispanic populations. It debunks the myth that Latin Jews are Spanish or Sephardic; in fact, most are Ashkenazic.

The exhibit presents 18 Latin American Jewish artists and 18 Latin American Jewish poets who have created an interesting group of art works and poems inspired by the theme, "El Viaje...The Journey," of their own families that breaks up an earlier life and initiates new paths.

The images and writings, based on the subject, explore with metaphors and poetics, the transit and displacements of the Jew, evoking exile and desegregation, memory and loss, remembrance and recovery. The visions and voices of the artists and poets are sensitive testimonies of their own background and experience that overlap local references of their countries, personal memories, social facts and Jewish symbolism.

Latin American artworks, considered complex and rich in imagery, have contributed to the development of the international art world scene. The participants are well known Latin American Jewish artists and poets, internationally respected who have earned awards and have exhibited in museums and galleries in their countries and abroad. They allow the narration of the Diaspora to add new stories, new associations and new patterns of perception in a story that is common to all families: The Journey.


Lydia Azout Ricardo Benaim Nadia Benatar
Samy Benmayor Luis Camnitzer Felipe Ehrenberg
Walter Goldfarb Gerardo Goldwasser Elias Heim
Jac Leirner Becky Mayer Liliana Porter
Carlos Poveda Baruj Salinas Daniel Scheimberg
Lihie Talmor Meyer Vaisman Moico Yaker


Marjorie Agosin Ruth Behar Daniel E. Chirom
Sonia Chocron Elias David Curiel Juan Gelman
Rosita Kalina Martha Kornblith José Kozer
Liliana Mizrah Miriam Moscona Roberto Picciotto
Alejandra Pizarnik David Turkeltaub Saul Yurkievich

These represent 10 Latin countries: Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The source of this exhibit is the Museo Sefardí de Caracas (Sephardic Museum of Caracas), which made a limited edition of 36 prints of art works and poems to recollect the memories of the Latin American Jews. These works were first presented in the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber in Caracas, Venezuela in 1999.

This exhibit can be expanded or customized to include the stories Latin Jewish families from the area who have made the next leg of the journey from Europe to Latin America to North America.



  • 18 framed prints 25" x 19 1/2" with captions (5 horizontal and 13 vertical)
  • 15 framed poems (30" wide x 21" high) in English, Spanish and Hebrew with captions
  • Ten texts panels that relate the Jewish history of the countries of the artists\(15"x 10" to 8 1/2" x 14")
  • One introductory text relating the Sephardic History (60" x 42")
  • Two introductory panels from the Sephardic Museum of Caracas
  • Photographs of art works can be provided
  • Eight page publication for the public available on disk: Passport with information of the Jewish history of the countries of the artists

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 83 linear feet

RENTAL FEE: $4,000 for 3 months plus shipping

INSURANCE VALUE: $15,000 evidence of insurance required


CONTACT: Susan Gladstone, Executive Director, 786-972-3162 or sgladsto@fiu.edu

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