Auktion 392: Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf

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AUKTION 392: Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf

This is story of the aryanization policies of Nazi Germany, their racial cleansing and economic strategies, and the complex legal and moral issues of provenance research and restitution of Nazi looted art that is taking place throughout the world.

In 1935, gallery owner Dr. Max Stern’s license to trade art in Germany was withdrawn because he was Jewish. In 1937, he was forced to sell his artworks under extreme duress in Auktion 392. Stern left Germany without any of his art or compensation from the sale.

This exhibition:

  • Shows the background of the Stern family, the struggle to save their art gallery and personal collection
  • Recreates the forced auction with those artworks still “lost” and those restituted
  • Demonstrates the process and organizations involved in art restitution.

This story is representative of German Jews who were forced to give up their lives in Europe and were among the fortunate to create new ones elsewhere in the world – starting over.

Exhibition conceived and curated by Dr. Catherine MacKenzie of Concordia University, Montreal. Adjuncts conceived and curated by Suzanne Lewis of Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art.



  • 60 text panels and graphics telling the story of Auktion 392
  • 50 canvas mounted reproductions of stolen and recovered artworks.

CATALOG: Available to sell

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 150 to 180 linear feet

RENTAL FEE: $6,000 for 4 months plus two-way shipping of three crates

INSURANCE VALUE: $15,000 evidence of insurance required


CONTACT: Jo Ann Arnowitz, Executive Director / Chief Curator, 305-672-5044 ext. 3180 or OR Ira Newman, Curator of Traveling Exhibits, 305-672-5044 ext. 3165 or

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