Thursdays at Three: Jacqueline Goldstein with Don Eddy

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Venue:Via Zoom

JMOF-FIU curator Jacqueline Goldstein will talk via Zoom with internationally renown artist Don Eddy on his life, work and new series in this edition of Thursdays at Three.

Don Eddy

Don Eddy, one of the few early Photorealist painters, has expanded his unique painting process. In the 1970s, Eddy painted the California urban landscape, focusing on cars, reflections on cars, bumpers and headlights. The subject came naturally to the son of a car body and fender shop father. The artist moved quickly from cars to storefronts to shelves filled with glassware and toys.

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Eddy’s work of the past four years takes him deeper into the exploration of nature, perception and life’s mysteries. His multi-panel paintings take on a quiet spiritual aura in their contemplative examination of earth’s riches; as well as the magic of the night in the cities he visits. Some of his new paintings are triptychs, while others are polyptychs with four or five wooden panels. For the past several years Eddy has returned to the urban landscape, this time New York; as well as his experiences in nature, celebrating light and season in the energy of the ocean, a mountain at sunset, a lotus in full bloom.

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