Dr. Dalia Manor: Between Paris and Tel Aviv: Jewish art in 1930s Eretz Yisrael

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Venue:Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

The talk will examine an almost forgotten period in Israeli art, the 1930s, when artists in Eretz Yisrael became close to the Jewish School of Paris, including renowned artists like Chaim Soutin. Subsequently they changed not only their style and subject matter, but also their views of what does it mean to be Jewish artist, what characterizes Jewish artists, and how does one's belonging to the Jewish 'race' influence the artistic spirit and creation. In identifying with Jewish artists in the Diaspora, they were eventually rejected from the Israeli art canon, which focused on contact with the land and the country.

Director & Chief Curator, The Negev Museum of Art, Be'er Sheva, Israel. Dr. Manor is an art historian and critic with special interest in modern art and national identity. She has published numerous articles, catalogues and reviews on art in Israel. She lectures in Israeli Culture at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Free for JMOF-FIU Members, FIU Students, Staff and Faculty. $5.00 non-members, pay at the door.