Exhibit Opening: Spaces of Tolerance

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Venue:Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU


Access to spirituality in technocratic society

Masters Project 2018 – Associate Professor Eric Goldemberg Studio

The seminar + studio focused on the research, conceptual design and fabrication of projects for a group show titled “Spaces of Tolerance” which will display 12 site-specific installations by FIU Department of Architecture graduate students led by FIU Associate Professor Eric Goldemberg + 1 site-specific sonic installation (currently on display at JMOF) designed by MONAD Studio | Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg in collaboration with composer and FIU Assistant Professor Jacob Sudol.

The show aspires to create awareness of the need for spaces of personal reflection, meditation and solace in the midst of a highly technocratic, mediated society where access to spirituality and other people’s spiritual inclinations often times are met with very thin tolerance and scarce opportunities for collective, spiritual gatherings. Professor Goldemberg’s Masters Project students, in their last studio before graduating from FIU, have conducted research into multiple religions looking into their spaces of spiritual activities, rituals and tectonic characteristics. They also examined the historical evolution of the different architectural religious typologies and concocted their own synthesis manifested in graphics where they proposed new urban interventions in Miami to foster spirituality, diversity and tolerance; as proof of concept, they have built 1:1 scale prototypes of their proposed artifacts.

Students: Lina Arias, Eduardo Bellosta, Eugenio Caceres, Gianni Casanova, Cesar Charria, Patrick Davidson, Cristian Garcia, Raquel Garrido, Sophia Gil Cadenas, Moshe Laniado, Jehnnesys Loisos, Monica Ordones, Roberto Rodriguez, Gabriela Soto.

Fabrication coordinator: Julia Surduy

Opening Program is FREE for FIU Students, Staff & Faculty, $5 for JMOF-FIU members, $10 non museum members. RSVP Here