Afternoon Tea with Marcia Fine: Hidden Ones - A Veil of Memories

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Venue:Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

Please Join Us for Afternoon Tea with Award-Winning Author Marcia Fine


Internationally acclaimed author, Marcia Fine, will discuss her new novel of Jewish historical fiction, "Hidden Ones - A Veil of Memories." The story, about a converso living in 17th century Mexico, has received five-star reviews.

Officials in Mexico City search and burn every soul not devoted to the Church. A family matriarch is arrested with her granddaughter as a witness. Celendaria, on the verge of becoming a woman, is also under suspicion for heresy.

Although the family has been converted to Catholicism, they still practice rituals and traditions of Judaism in secret. Customs give many away. In a hostile environment a perilous adventure story emerges to shine a bright light on the Crespin family. Will they survive when most of the Americas are ruled by Spain? Not unlike many immigrant journeys today, religion becomes an issue for those accused.

Based on transcripts during the Inquisition, the book utilizes actual people as well as facts, culinary customs and research from the Southwest Territories. It reveals one of the most obscure and dramatic episodes in Mexican and Jewish history. A great read for history buffs, curiosity seekers and those searching their past for explanations.


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