Exhibit Opening Reception Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road

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Venue:Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU presents a new exhibition titled Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road. The exhibit includes 33 handcrafted hats, photos and letters that illustrate the colorful story of Irene Williams who lived and worked on Miami Beach from the 1960’s until her death in 2004. The exhibition officially opens at JMOF-FIU on Thursday, July 13 and will run through November 5, 2017.


EXHIBIT HISTORY Every workday for more than 40 years, Irene Williams dressed in one of her vibrant fashions from a collection of more than 100 handmade hats and outfits, and walked to her small office on Lincoln Road where she worked as a public stenographer. One morning in 1995, Irene was spotted by Eric Smith, a New York City designer, entrepreneur, and founder of E.G. Smith Socks. A friendship ensued and over the next decade, Eric documented Irene on film and produced an award winning documentary titled Irene Williams Queen of Lincoln Road. When Irene died in 2004, she left her colorful collection of hats, photos and letters to Smith which are included in the exhibit. In addition to the Irene Williams Collection, the exhibition will include hats and photos on loan from Isabel Bernfeld Anderson and George Neary. Exhibition Sponsor: Robert Arthur Segall Family Foundation, Isabel Bernfeld Anderson,Danny & Merle Weiss and Pauline Winick.

ABOUT THE FILM Like hundreds of other gay men, Eric fled the New York City winters for quick weekend getaway in South Miami Beach. On one of these trips in 1995 he met Irene Williams on Lincoln Road. Her wild and colorful handmade outfits immediately caught his attention. With video camera in hand he began to realize what an amazing individual was inside these clothes. Over the next decade Eric documented a marvelous journey of Irene’s outsider couture, imparted wisdom, and the heartfelt affection they share. Shades of Harold and Maude meets Grey Gardens come together in this sweet, funny, and thoroughly endearing portrait of a rare bird in paradise and a friendship found.

The film has won numerous awards including Hampton’s International Film Festival Audience Award, Best Short 2005, Planet Out Best Short Documentary 2005, Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Jury Award Best Short Documentary 2005 and more.

Opening Reception and Film Screening


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