Teen Art Education Workshop (Part 2)

Event information

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU (JMOF-FIU) is proud to partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) Women on the Rise! program to present a series of teen art education workshops at JMOF-FIU.

In conjunction with JMOF-FIU’s current exhibit, Bat Mitzvah Comes of Age, the partnership invites teens and their families to come and learn about the connection between art and coming of age in the modern world. What does it mean to be an emergent adult in your community? What challenges do adolescents face? How do teens solve status problems and overcome obstacles?

This art workshop will teach about art as a form of expression, inspiration and shared culture. The goal of this programs is to increase self esteem, critical thinking skills, and access to arts and culture.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday, July 10, from 1 - 2 p.m. at JMOF-FIU.

This program is free and open to the public. To RSVP, email info@jewishmuseum.com or call 786-972-3175. This program is in conjunction with MOCA’s Women on the Rise!, a unique gender-specific outreach program that presents the work of contemporary women artists to teenage girls ages 12-18 who are served by social justice organizations such as Urgent, Inc. and Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, among others.