Vision Statement and Core Values


The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU is a dynamic, welcoming place of learning about one people as an example of the ethnic acculturation process of every American family. Based on our standards and values, the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU has reached an impressive level of accomplishments, is the leading authority on our subject, a national leader in our field, has an international reputation, and inspires everyone to connect with their memories.

We aspire to sustain and grow this record of achievement. Beyond that, our goal is to ensure our long term fiscal stability and to have the human and financial resources to fulfill our mission, perhaps by merging with an institution of higher learning. The guiding principles of the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU are to:

1) Remain focused on our mission.

2) Continue to collect, preserve and interpret the material evidence of Jewish life in Florida to strengthen Jewish identity. This builds collective communal memory that helps ensure Jewish continuity.

3) Continue to present the most compelling, educational and entertaining visitor experiences that make people think about how alike our diverse groups are, with our immigrant backgrounds, rather than focus on our differences. This decreases bigotry and increases tolerance and understanding within our communities, especially for our youth.


The Museum's core values represent the core purpose, principles, and ethical and moral standards that are held in high esteem by our organization. These values are a result of strategic planning discussions with the board as to why we do what we do, which guide our decisions about the Museum.

  • Commitment to Excellence in operations and programs
    • Provide a warm and welcoming family atmosphere - Execute all operations, activities and programs based on highest professional standards
    • Ensure efficient management and human and financial resources to support the Museum's mission
    • Meet expectations of visitors in research and scholarship, acquisition and conservation, exhibition presentations and educational and cultural programs, as well as facility cleanliness and management
    • Use teamwork and cooperation maximizing the talents and skills of the staff
    • Always keep in mind Jewish values
    • Meet responsibility of portraying the Florida Jewish history of yesterday, today and tomorrow
    • Advance level of knowledge to the public of Florida Jewish history as an example of the ethnic acculturation process of all families
    • Make a meaningful contribution to the diverse ethnic community
    • Be creative, innovative and inclusive
    • Leave a legacy to families
  • Highest level of Integrity for public trust
    • Do what we say we are going to do
    • Utilize values-based leadership responsibilities of volunteers
    • Nurture guidance responsibilities of professional staff
    • Place high value on accountability and transparency
  • Responsibility to Community (community defined as local, state, national and international Jewish and non-Jewish audience of all ages and backgrounds)
    • Have a unique and prominent identity in the community
    • Stimulate people to think
    • Help strengthen individual and communal Jewish identity and memory to ensure Jewish continuity
    • Show respect and sensitivity for all people
    • Provide an educational service that is also fun and entertaining
    • Collaborate with organizations that share our goals
    • Serve as an international link to people from throughout the world
    • Help to increase understanding and tolerance in diversity, and decrease discrimination and bigotry
    • Encourage sense of ownership of the Museum among the statewide Jewish and non- Jewish residents
    • Create an environment of confidence that investing human and financial resources in the Museum is a wise decision for the quality of life - present and future

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